Rapunzel is what I call her

The grief locked in my heart

Her hair is not of golden locks

It’s been tangled black like crows

Her fingers shaped of barbed wire

Are ripping through each row

She cowers in her tower sell

Knees pulled tight above her toes

A single sliver lacerates

Illumination down her back

She locks the door from the inside

Each latch a missing key

Her mind is whispering one long thing

The monster is coming for me

Each step she hears pounds with her heart

Each step can skip a beat

She scratches right above her chest

And rips apart her heart

She takes it beating in her hand

Hurled at the door

Maybe with it resting there

She will hear the monsters no more

Silence overcomes

As hope floods through her core

And sitting there it starts to pulse

Her heartbeat on the floor

The pounding of a steady drum

Each leap a trill of death

The monster pounds with iron feet

Each step moves closer yet

But never to reach

And haunting nonetheless

Thud thud

Lub dub

Thud thud

Each pump a binding trance

A clomping up the stairs

A thirst of fire from the heart

Dehydration needing life

A piercing shriek hard to ignore

Like a mother with her young

She rushes over to her

And cries a river red

A sacrifice to quench

With reckless use of blood

To calm this ghastly beat

The marching filled with death

Gargles drowning popping air

A sacrifice for life

Now silence fills the room again

Blood rushing through her ears

Consummation blinding

All she knows she hears

Silence resting on her back

She leans and takes a breath

And then re-masked

It starts again

The monster begins to climb

Each steps he takes

Seems so much closer

But never to advance

A cycle lasting years

Left ringing in her ears

Thud thud

Lub Dub

Thud thud

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