The demons don’t tell me when they’re going to take control

I can feel the thoughts tingling my mind

Their hands working their way up my spine into my skull

Tickling around like a feather under my nose waiting to sneeze

Pulling away before relief

Chuckling as if it’s a joke

The pain lingering with no release knowing that there is something on my mind

But not knowing what it is

Knowing that the anxiety is there

But not letting it be released

Not letting the freedoms come

Because I know what that freedom brings

And it’s a lack of control

It’s the fear and the downward spiral

It’s the hands reaching the base of my spine and twisting me upside down

Turning my mind like the tail of the rattle snake

A warning so deadly I don’t even get to know

But the viper’s sting grabs my arm

I am the snake.

My tail wraps around and shoves down my throat

As I try to question what went wrong in my mind to make me think this way

Engulfing myself in the flames of doubt and honesty

Where is truth?

When every question I have folds back upon itself

Like a scarlet letter

My sins left buried upon my skin

The guilt I’ve felt from mistakes I’ve made

But they aren’t mistakes they’re just learning

But I don’t tell myself that because I have to be perfect

I’m trying

But I’m tired

The demons slowly grab my lungs

And the fire works it’s way into the gasoline that should have been oxygen

And I burn myself from the inside out

Choking on the smoke that I deemed as air

Swallowing water to drown so that maybe there will be a relief once I’m finally full

Screams sprinkled on the spiritless

Salt planted in my earth making it impossible for anything to grow

Tears disguised as rain

And I’m left questioning everything in my turning mind


And as fast as they came they drag themselves away

Like the smoke from the fingers of a monster’s exorcism

Lines left sharp upon me, clawing to try to remain as I pull them away

Pulling back from a sharp whip

The wall of glass illuminating again in my mind

The double-faced mirror I can’t see

That protects me from myself

On the other side I know that I’m waiting again

And that the demons will somehow find their way

To slip through the cracks

And reach to the back of my mind

Scratching their way out through my cornea

Pupils removing the iris as the  black tar of their body surfaces

Dripping like the wax of a candle

Hands reaching over and under my eyelids

Dragging out of Hades pit

Creeping down my cheek, trailing my face

Screaming as fire ignites in their wake of tainted gasoline

But you just see a smile

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