A Circular Globe of Glass

How graceful do they fall
Against the tempered glass
How tears of angels howl
In sweet bewilderment
A forest of perfume
Wafts down the empty hall
Abandoned stories and memories
Of an irrevocable curtain call
Dusty carpets and antique mirrors
Shattered calamities burried
Covered with a Duct taped smile
Fake, free, processed
The principles of promises
A dance of wonder through the dusty cabaret
Cleanse the streak of dirt and righteousness
Forgotten in steal beams
The fortress of a personal design
Movements of the future curtsy in countenance
Particles of the past
So turns the snow globe upside down
Repeat the hymn of a single song
The witness through an outside glass
Ambiguity as comfort
The broken air will drown you
Home has always been a trap
A circular globe of glass
Something has to break
To see a different side
As the glass has cut you free

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