About Myself

I took the words I said to you
The ones about myself
The thorns wrapped round my tongue
With barbed wire in my mouth
I took the words about myself
I tried to say them to someone else
But that sort of thing is filled with hate
My words could not come through
Even when I thought of you
No cruel words came to my mouth
Maybe once this could be enough
But that seemed to be a lie
When you left which was for the best
I tore myself a part
The things I said about myself
I’d never say to anyone else
So why do I let them weigh in me
And crush me inside out
The pain is not a shock
It’s almost home you see
But I hope you can be free
And I can stop just someone else
From hurting just like me
But if it does not come from love
I know it can’t be true
I tell myself those thoughts at night
When I think of you

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