Cannons of Youth

Freedom lasts between
The existence of should and could
Your life catapulted
Through the cannons of youth
With the force of an army
Behind you
Igniting the fires of your should be hopes
The match burns out
As does the fuse
Soaring through the air
Screams of failures whistle in your ear drums
Echoing inside your mind
Worming down into your heart
Where it plants the seeds of should not do’s
Pressure at once relieves
Frozen in midair
Acknowledging for the first time
You are not a bird and you cannot fly
With the same power of a thousand soldiers
Those who lit the fuse
You plummet to the ground
Slammed into the river
A blanket of concrete force envelops you
Dropping six feet you are numb
Motionless within
The movement of an ever changing entity
Until you drift to the edge
And wedged into the riverbank you shape yourself
Changing all that passes simultaneously

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