I will be honest with myself
Sometimes this world flips me upside down
Good think I’m learning how to do a handstand
The blood rushes to my head
But it stays within my body
Sometimes an avalanche will swallow me
Surrounded by millions of individual snowflakes
My mind has taught me to fear
But watch me spit right in it’s face
As I dig through irrationality and claw to my own clarity
I can breath
Some days a wave will pummel me into the reef
Taunting me with oxygen, a rise, but a joke
As the chain of another wave smashes me again
Desperation may take over because it seems I won’t escape
But I’ve learned to wait because there are lifeguards to save me
And I see that I need others to save me too sometimes
There were days when I felt wretched
Those days still might come
But my mind is now my weapon
Not just a smoking gun

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