You do not see color
My friend you are colorblind
You are ignorant of what you choose not to see
You say you are colorblind
You do not see color
It is not important
But my friend you miss the point
You think you create equality by seeing the world in grey
You protect yourself your sensitivity
It’s not insulting to say you don’t see
How can you be responsible
Everything is the same! We are not different we are the same you see that’s beauty, right?
You do not prevent racism by choosing not to see
You are missing the point and the beauty of diversity
“I do not see color”
You say this with such pride
Your ignorance is painful
Seeing color is not insulting
Color is enlightening
Color is strength
We are not the same and we are different
Color is equal and beauty can be seen
See the cultures of what defines who we are
Color is the world and color is our differences
We are unique
You do not see color
My friend you are missing out
You miss the world
You miss culture
You miss the point
Your sensitivity is ignorance not acceptance
We are a rainbow arching into one we create the whole as different pieces
You do not see color my friend I’m sorry for you
If everything is the same
Well, my friend you just aren’t living
You are missing the world and the beauty that it holds

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