Suicide or Condemnation

A noose of consecrated lies

Resting on the alter of the churches vows
Flogging daily with the temperaments of a thorny tongue
The truth is resting sleeping behind the door that remains ajar
The shadow casts a hallow stare upon empty words with loveless kisses
Consistencies lost in a battle of baited breath
When will the next tear fall the next whip crack
When does the cheek turn and another turn his back
Walking lifeless in the momentum of an ever falling snowball
Collecting more and more weight until the weight cannot be born
Cracking beneath yourself
Shattering under a false world that you tried to hold up
while no one was even watching
Golden circulation and your heart is broken with silent suffocation
Sickness and health till death do us part
Muttered through the gritted teeth of the vipers sting
Laying vows upon your coffin of turbulence
As a golden noose is strung
And your life begins to start

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