Last Night in the Morning

Leftovers from the drunken night
Food in the tinfoil some sort of tamale
A gummy worm package beside the empty cardboard
That used to carry cigarettes
The paper bags filled with empty plastic
Bottle full with regret and lost memories
Seated next to the fly covered red bull
It’ll give you wings
Crushed Arizona
Silence on a Sunday morning
Saltless pizza box with leftover sauce
The burnt cigarette butt lifeless in its threat
Funny that something so dirty, so death contrived
Is allowed to be cleaned up and saved
A lollipop and a room key collections of the street
I see you dear one, walking, back and forth every night
You’re looking for something
A light, hidden deep beneath the stars
Folded behind the moon
You tuck yourself quietly into the corner
Protection from the wind, from the people
Shadows cover the worry on your face
Tears that stream down your eyes, well,
They’re from the wind
I don’t know how to save you, but I wish I could
You see I am you too
Afraid, and caught behind the glass that no one else can see
Behind the glass that everyone can walk through, like a ghost
Like a ghost are we the ghost or are they
The water from my tears is filling the inside
Will I drown or will the glass break
Will I drown or will the glass break

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