Fun House Relationship

And then the feeling stops
Realizing I don’t miss you anymore
A sort of memory
Lingering in a thought
Like a story
Or dream that I collected
Little pieces of
The mirror I thought
We looked in
Cracked in a thousand tiny places
A mosaic of reflection
Acknowledging the past that was
A fun house
Walls returning our smiles
Not seeing I was trapped in a maze
Surrounded by assumptions
The right way echoing into a dead end
It shouldn’t have been that much work
Climbing the stairs of the house
We built together
To crawl into bed next to you
I woke up in an empty sheet
Unable to catch my breath
As you made a decision apart from me
Leaving as I stood next to the for sale sign
I waited
For a little bit
Or maybe for a lifetime
The sheet covering like a cloak
Dressing me as a ghost
But soon I realized you weren’t coming back
And I began to forget who I was waiting for
Day by day pieces drifted away
Like ashes from the fire I set
Burning away the memory of what we built
To provide myself some warmth
In the darkest frozen night
And in the morning the sun has risen
The sheet raps around me like a blanket
Comforting me
As I have made it through the night alone
And realized you’re just something I used to know

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