In moments when times are tough
The comfort that I find
Is knowing through it all
I am proud of who I am and how far I’ve come
In times when life is a challenge I take a deep
I am here.
I used to be the calm before the storm
The storm and the hurricanes eye
The tornado confused and lost
Directions undecided yet looking for something
to hold
Not destructive to others though
Only to myself
I couldn’t fix things or be okay
But now I am the silence after the storm
I am the smell of fresh rain
The warmth after lightening
I am the comfort of the watered flowers
The blue break in a grey sky
I can be a morning doves cry
And a puddle left on the road
A tree branch resting in the street
The tear of a rainstorm running down a
A flat line in life is synonymous with death
Live like a heartbeat and live with your heart
Spread kindness, appreciation, understanding
and love
Know that to feel and express these the
opposites are felt as well
So my life is like a heartbeat
And that means I’m alive

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