Paper Umbrella

It’s quiet in the rain
Beneath a paper umbrella
Orange lighting the sky
Looking up under the canvas
Protecting me from a necessity for life
Standing still is strange
As the world rushes by
People moving
Going but I’m just here
I can feel anxiety rising
Yet I close my eyes and breath
Stillness is a blessing
Quiet is not a curse
Standing alone is not loneliness
There’s annoyance in the rain
People with furrowed brows and frowns
Hiding under stoops, a shopping and paper
Yet under a black umbrella
The man still stretches out his hand
Praying for cool relief
As mothers tears quench his thirst
This is when we have to dance
I reach for the outstretched hand
Escaping from the canvased sun
In flip flops and a smile I jump from puddle
to puddle
Soaking in, absorbing, the tears of life
Growth through concrete holes and poor
Hydration is a rainstorm
And it’s breeze is a breath of life
Pushing my arms out like sails
Catching on wherever I am set to be next

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