Ashes to Ashes

We were supposed to be a team
And while I stretched out my hand
To reach you, to grab your hand
I smiled knowing you would be there soon
The memories of each time our hands brushed
Filling my body with the flicker of a match
The fuse waiting
So I looked back knowing you’d be there
Only to see you were running a different race
Deciding to brush against another’s hand
And as I held the match
It flickered down to my fingers
The wax melting away what I thought I had
But the pain did not burst into flames
Instead the ashes took its place
Filled with smoke I choked on the words
My lips say I miss you
But the smoke snakes it way into my mind
Saying I don’t need you
The venom from this bite hasn’t taken hold
As the ash inside me grabs hold of nothing
Without a second thought you ran past me
Not even a second glance
And the breeze that you left behind
Was the aftermath of a forest fire
Fueled by your own ambitions and desires
Brushed through me
Yet you didn’t notice while I whispered to the ground
You were the fire that burnt me down

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