If you listen closely
Past the whispers of tourists
The sirens and the hum of cars
The shot of an exhaust pipe
Go past the smell of cigarettes
The smell of sweat in the air
The trees are breathing with a kiss of roses
As the air dances through in a waltz of refreshments
Cool lavender ice tea
Trickles down your spine with the grace of an ice cube
Watering the bottom of a glass on a hot summer day
Single file lines created by the school children
Tourists fluttering over the shade
Like an overturned embrace from that one aunt
Who you haven’t seen in years
But it was a hot summer day
Kneeling down with a prayerful respect
Tipping your hat for the beggars humility
Rubber over cobblestone
The sound like that of your mother
Hands pushing cloth and soap against the wash rack
Spider webs of wire and iron electrifying
The silence and a quiet breath
A cocktail of lemonade and an afternoon nap
Behind you you hear the caw of a raven
Escape escape for just a little while
And the violin strings you heard earlier that day
The ones mixed with the tourists
Return and dance through the breeze
Now combing your hair
The dance of a roses breath inhaled by the trees
Wipes your lungs clean with the cleansing tears of Ave Maria
And the hope Of a travelers dreams

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