Honesty is Self Doubt

Don’t ask me because I’m wrong
Even though I have made sure I’m right
I know I’m still wrong
At least to you
To everyone
I’m wrong
I’m defensive
I made up those thoughts
I told myself I wasn’t enough
It wasn’t taught
I learned it myself
The truth isn’t the truth
Coming from me.
I’m your constant problem.
Even with the truth I’m questioned
I’m wrong
I’m lying
But it’s what I know.
Don’t I? Maybe I am wrong
But am I wrong about being wrong?
But I can’t be right because I’m wrong
It’s my fault
I’m trying to tell you the truth
I’m just being honest
The truth will set you free
Into the lions den of doubt
The teeth your mind
Gnashing you through a grinding reflection
The pain of truth, you know your right
Because you knew they’d say you’re wrong
But still you’re wrong
And honesty is now self doubt

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