When thoughts run through my mind
They drag with cleats
Unearthing memories
I tried to forget
Unearthing seeds I tried to plant
In hopes they could grow to good
The garden in my mind
Was grown from my pain
Watered with the tears of a heartbeat
And as the deer came to nibble each bud
So you came and destroyed my flowers
The moonlight at your back
You climbed the walls of my secret
And plunged a shovel
Straight through my heart
Taking what you wanted
To plant in your own garden
While admiring its beauty
Trapped inside your glass case
Roots forced to grow within terra-cotta
A warrior confined to structure
You hear them whispering through your home
Poison to you
Haunting through to your spine
Because they weren’t meant for you
And the poison that once pained me
Became the acid rain I grew to
My thoughts grow here too
In your admiration prison
Until death departs from troubled hands
And in the earth I can breath again

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