Don’t You, Do You?

Mama don’t you love him
Daddy don’t you love her
You think I can’t see
Standing here
Teddy bear dragging beneath my feet
They smile
Through gritted teeth
Thinking only tone is what matters

Not the broken soul behind her eyes

Not the mist rolling through the space

Between their abrasive posture

The weight crushing his shoulders

But they’re smiling

So they think for her it’s okay
She just sees facial expressions
I know the words cut like knives
Even disguised as spoons
Reflections flipped upside down
In the concave sustenance
That you call love
It’s a smile through gritted teeth
Crossed arms across yourself
Not embracing a lover’s hug
A quarrel called conversation
Shouting called adoration
Pain called comfort
Distance called relationships
Mama I guess you love him
Daddy I guess you love her

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