Contemplation amongst constellations
Pinpricks of light weakly whisper
Through the darkened expanse of this landscape
Don’t leave they sign in uneven tones
Expansions of the orchestra warming up the melody
Ethereal star breeze
Hints of the time travelers linger in the lofty tune
I see where you’ve been
Where you are
Where you will be
Even after death the light still shines
Memories eternal
Please don’t snuff us out
The clouds are mortal
We last amidst the fog
Our whispers lift the confusion
We are your journey
Past present future
We guide you with a gentle hand of a nurturing storm
The whip of a sun cracking across your back
Scars resembling journeys forged and forgotten
We are your map
Constellations on a constant mind
Forgotten leading on
Throughout a constant darkness

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