I remember getting ready
Bringing my dress over to my friend’s house
Telling you I was getting ready there
And I’d be home to take photos
I felt so beautiful getting ready
I’m sure there are more things I can’t remember
Happy memories
But when I texted you a picture of me in my dress
You spit fire at me
Burning my skin with harsh accusations
Telling me I was awful and you were disappointed
In how inconsiderate I could be
How dare I get dressed and ready with a friend
She was my mother and I didn’t include her
When I got home to take photos you wouldn’t say a word to me
You didn’t look at me
You told my brother how handsome he looked and you said nothing to me
I remember that
I cried in the bathroom
And if you look at the photos
Past the fake eyelashes, the blush and perfect contouring
You can see the forced broken smile
And my eyes holding back tears
Because you wouldn’t look at me
And in photos that’s what I remember

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